Finally entering the blogosphere…

January 9, 2010

It seems like I would have been doing this for years, but alas, I am a newbie.  However, I love reaching out to the faceless masses in some kind of egotistical manner as such.  So, here’s the Camera blog and I apologize to Ryan and Joseph ahead of time for linking George Michael videos or anything that would fall under that category (I’m looking at you, Steve Winwood’s “Valarie…) that might not exactly represent all of us, though I guess George Michael would be a bad example of that because we freakin’ love that guy!  I’m hoping to shed some light of what it’s like to be in a band, and more specifically, our band, Camera.  I will update more than you might care to read, but I am a documentarian at heart and simply must write and share my thoughts.  Well, I guess I’m working on the sharing part, but I will write this as if it will be read, cherished, and saved in the annals of history as an example of what hu-mann life was like before fall.

Vocalyricist/Guitartronics/Tea-baggin’ Bad Boy

Justin C. Scro


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