White Winter Hymnal on a white winter’s day…a year or so late

January 13, 2010

No matter how close you keep your ear to the tracks, something will always slip by you once in a while.

I was listening to WXRT on the way back from the funeral for my dear Uncle Phil.  A song was on in the background and I wasn’t paying close attention to it, but by the end, I realized I was listening to something truly wonderful.  Even though I had not heard one note of their music, I knew that it had to be the Fleet Foxes because it was exactly how I would want the Fleet Foxes to sound.  And even though I’d never heard their music, I knew that Pitchfork gave it the number one song of the year for 2008.  It was just one of those head-slapping moments that I have more than often now.

It appears the older I get, the less interested I am in the opinion of critics and such.  Not that I ever lived or died by their thoughts, but the Fleet Foxes had been so heavily recommended that I passed them up entirely.  If one person would have reccomended them, I would have checked it out, but when 1000 people do, I just figure I will come across them someday.  Shit…did I just prove my slow method right?  Well, I’m not going to change, so I might as well believe I’m on the right path! hahahaha

Back to the important part, the song, “White Winter Hymnal”, as it turned out to be, has automatically become one of those songs that will hit 100 plays on my iPod within a week or so, much like “What Would I Want? Sky” by Animal Collective did earlier this winter.

I guess my final rumination on the subject would be that art can tackle you from any direction at any time and that is a wonderful thing.  I once said that I believe in artistic Darwinism and I was contemplating the creative process at the time, but examining this instance with the Fleet Foxes, I suppose that I view finding music the same way in this over saturated day and age.  I love to adventure, though not as much as I did from the time I was 11-21.  Maybe because that’s when it was an adventure.

Going to record shows, having to put down hard earned money on something that you couldn’t preview on the internet to make sure that you absolutely loved before purchasing, these were all things that made it more of a gamble, more exciting, and, hell, made it more of a commitment!  When I bought the Webb Brother’s CD because of the artwork, I made sure I listened to it ten times before caving to the fact that I didn’t like it at all.  (All apologies to the Webb Brothers for using them as an example, but their cover art did look enough like Air’s Moon Safari for me to pay $18 for it)

Maybe I just enjoyed the idea of gambling on art.  My life centers around it!  Oh man…am I a thrill seeker after all?  I guess what passes as a thrill is different for everyone.

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