I guess I should actually write about Camera at some point

January 25, 2010

This band of ours…

There are a lot of things going on in the world of Camera right now.  Matthew and John (Mudvayne’s Matt McDonough and ambient music mainstay John Strate-Hootman aka Vir Unis…I just had to call them Matthew and John because they’re biblical names and that’s their level of importantance to the Camera family unit) are putting their production magic all over Realpolitik! (or the Sony demos as it is becoming to be known) and reading them to go places I still can’t even imagine.  This is EP has been in the works for 18 months and we are very excited to see whatever the outcome will be, both musically and career-wise.

The recent addition of our manager Brian McGraw has also given the band a huge boost, not just because Brian is a like minded music appreciator and fast friend, but because he has an outlook that we soft artist types lack entirely.  The man has business acumen and when we tell him that we want our band picture to be a puzzle pasted on the side of the Sears Tower, he finds the people we need to carryout our every idea.  He’s a hell of a guy, that Brian.  But if you know him, than you already know that.

Camera are bursting at the seams with creativity these days.  We now have a cadre of live songs that are more than ready to be recorded (Pop Radio 101, The Gathering Storm, Grazed by Bullets, Debris, Buried Alive, No Surprise, The Negotiator, Pierce), songs that have been perfected but aren’t for live performance (The Panic and the Permanence, Heir Apparent, Empty Orchestra, On a Night Like This, Nuclear, Broken Order), songs that are nearly shaped (The Other Artist, a Place I Know, House on Fire), and finally strong song ideas and snippets to build on (The Beehive, Labradford, Good Morning Nightmare, Remember Me, Is it Out There, Dear Matthew).  Now, Camera plan on recording (via Ryan and Steve Ciliak at their studio) our experimental efforts that haven’t had much chance because they solely rely on being playing in a studio.  Some of the songs mentioned above fall into this category, but there are others that are even further out there, such as Crystallized and Out in Space.  The idea behind recording our ‘Kid A’ type tracks is so when things really get moving, we will have demos of these songs of play for the powers that be instead of trying to explain ourselves to professionals.  It is much easier for us to talk through our music.

Our creativity is now overflowing from the music and onto our upcoming work with amazing photographers Andy Keil (http://www.flickr.com/photos/28481287@N07/sets) and Lenny Gilmore (lennygilmore.com).  We are working with very exciting ideas of which I’m not going to share here because the photos that we are talking about will be worth more than a thousand words.  Check out their websites at the links above and you will get the picture, so to say.

Another exciting opportunity on Camera’s horizon is getting to develop several simultaneous concepts with local filmmaker Anthony Scaccia.  We are currently work-shopping ideas for Realpolitik! tracks such as the Evening News and Watching People Meet.  Once we have some actual music videos under our belt, we can team them with the EPK video, Daniel Ryan’s Cinechamber version of Wicked Wicked Games, and Daniel’s video of our live performance to take onto Chicago music showcase JBTV, something that’s we’ve aimed to do for quite some time.

There is plenty more going on at the moment, but I wanted to take time and focus on the artistic aspects of Camera’s latest news.

Come to the EMPTY BOTTLE on WEDNESDAY FEBRUARY 3rd for a FREE FREE FREE show all thanks to HEAVEmedia.  Our dear, dear friends Plane will be joining us alongside the wonderful acts Midstates & the Choir of Ghosts and Houses of Normandie.  Make sure you’re there.  You’re on the list.

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