Daredorm.com, Wild Beasts, Mz. Mary, and the end of the world.

January 30, 2010

This is for the eyes of the 18 years and plus only…

Okay, so I just wrote an entirely inappropriate blog about the soulful merits of pornography, my current state of non-sobriety, and the wonderful Wild Beasts album Two Dancers, of which I just personally connected with tonight.  I really don’t know what to write about it their place, but I have to try something because I think I hit on some TS Elliot like shit about the end of the world.  Oh hell, here’s what I wrote:

I’ve seen the end of the world and it is not ugly or terrifying.  It is beautiful and impossibly unattainable.  It is a youth gone by.  Our own desire to return to better days will be the end of us.  While collectively we will protest, individually we will embrace this end of days.  The end of the world means everyone gets to go home again, to our favorite place, our favorite friends, and our favorite selves.

Yeah, that was based off of watching things I certainly didn’t  illeagally download off of Torrentz after definitely not looking at a site called Daredorm. Make sure you don’t download this.  Especially if your a dude.  God, I almost kind of mean that.  It will ruin your life, maybe just for a moment as it did mine.

Wild Beast didn’t help, or I should say it was the only help I had.  I took my perspective and slathered it in a pensive darkness, making my mind question where there once was only silence and peace.  It turned youth into the end of the world.  I can’t ever go back.  I don’t care in my waking life, but my dreams take me back to youth every single night.  I’m not being figurative.  I have a reaccuring dream about being back in high school, though I am fully aware that I am too old and that I don’t belong there.  It doesn’t matter.  Every time I’m there, I see other kids my age who don’t belong there.  I’m always told that I have to graduate again.  I know it’s a dream, so I try to fly home to 809 Walden Court, but it doesn’t work.  The area changes on me as I fly, preventing me from reaching my destination.  I have this dream so much that I’m told by teachers in it that I’ve actually accumulated enough school days over the past eleven years that I’m about to graduate again.  Jeepers.

Where was I again?  Hmm, it’s Friday night and I’m sitting here looking at these words as they appear on screen.  Somehow, this is actually exciting to me.  I guess that’s why I write.  My weird thoughts earlier seemed less scary knowing that I could write them down and share them.  Hell, it turned into something to do.  At least for a few minutes.

I think it’s time for me to visit the Criterion Collection.  Good night out there.

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