I had some lofty ambition about sitting down and listening to a full album…

March 9, 2010

…but then I just put on my latest playlist, starting with Atlas Sounds’ “Quick Canal” off of Logos. I feel better already.  Man, it’s been a long while since I sat down here and actually wrote a blog.  A lot has happened since my last entry.  First, I am writing this on a brand new top-of-the-line laptop thanks to my dearly departed Uncle Phil, who through my father made this possible.

Having lost my uncle at such a young age was a wake up call that I need to turn my life around and get back into great shape.  I used to be an athlete and now I’m probably lower than a potato as far as being active goes.  After more bullshit than anyone would want, I am getting ready to start Beachbody’s P90X program and wow am I nervous.  I was supposed to start today, but my order was messed up for the second consecutive time.  It will be fine, but I wanted to be in shape for my big 30th coming up on June 5th.  (Come, bring me things)

I am still aiming to be in much better shape by then.  I will start this 90 day progrum on Wednesday, hopefully.  It’s the first step on the road to becoming unstoppable.  Yeah, that’s actually my goal.  I want to be a total physical machine!  P90X is the beginning of all of this and I can’t wait to get started, as frighten as I may be.  I took my ‘before’ pictures today and I can’t wait for them to be a shameful reminder as opposed to, well, my life right now!  I’ve become so adept at being secure that I’ve really let myself go.  I can’t look like Orson Welles unless I have the chops to back it up and that my friends, I do not have…yet.  Look out!

I’ve been happily uncreative as of late with no novel or screenplay on my plate.  Camera has played some great shows, but we haven’t had the chance to work on our next three songs (This House On Fire, the Other Artist, and A Place I Know) because we’ve each been sick all winter, me and Joe’s aforementioned Uncle Phil passed away, and Ryan cut his hand open at work.  This all being said, I’ve watched more movies and listened to more music in the past few weeks and months than I have in years with heavy stops at Grizzly Bear (pretty much the entire catalog, but the Friends EP more than anything), the new Gorillaz, and the stellar new Whitest Boy Alive’s Rules.

“What is the right way?  Oh glasses clinking!”

“Give me some money.  Stop daydreaming, dude.”

“WwHoAuTld I want? Sky”

Sometimes you just have to let that out.  Well, this was a short entry, but hopefully I will be back on here more often now that I will have great news to report as I grow towards becoming unstoppable.

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