Surf Solar and Purple Nepal…

March 20, 2010

It’s at that time of night where the early birds are in bed, but the night owls are still out and about, leaving me alone.  Ah, the soothing tones of the Whitest Boy Alive and their secretly the best album every Rules.  I’ve got a nice shuffle going on my iPod right now that started a while ago, but when Fuck Buttons Surf Solar came up, well, I figured it was time for a smoke and some writing.  Fuck Buttons do that to me.  So, here I am, treating this blog like a friend who is going to keep my company in between Ryan’s visits and Jodie coming home from work.

So, I just got a baby friend request from my newest great-nephew, Alexander.  I am suddenly awash with sadness that I live so far away from most of my family.  Sure, I do live closer to my mom and dad then anyone on earth that doesn’t also live with their parents, but my sisters, nieces, and nephews are all in Michigan (with Amanda being in school in Wisconsin).  Gosh, and then Moby’s Scream Pilots comes on and I feel both sadder and happier.  My life is so tied down right now because I am doing what I believe I have to in order to achieve the position I want in life.  This is no easy process, nor would I expect it to be.  I spend all my energy on the things needed to become the person I want to be and I never makes plans to go on vacation or visit with the ones I love.

I know that my journey will ultimately lead me to exactly where I want to be and that some day (very soon, actually) I will be allowed to do as I please and takes those trips and vacations and visit with my family for extended periods of time.  I won’t be retired, but I will have a little more wiggle room with the perspective that constantly keeps me moving forward with my head down.  I’m such a hermit.  It’s going to happen when your loves are writing, making music, watching movies, listening to music, and all other sorts of things that bind me to the floor.  Hahaha, I just inadvertently quoted myself…what a tool.

Enough about all that noise because Bobby Womack is going to town on Stylo.  Man, this song is a devastator!  Seriously.  “Sometimes it’s hard!”  Speaking of, I completed my 5th day of P90X today and I’m feeling great.  I’ve lost 3 pounds in 5 days, which is kind of astonishing considering the amount of muscle I have to be building from these workouts.  I have Kenpo X tomorrow.  Jesus, I’m not even ready to know what that means.  Ninja stuff?  Who knows?  But I’ll tell you what, I will have done it by this time tomorrow night, so what it is barely matters. I’ve also noticed that my mental outlook has been much better since I’ve started this week as well.  The fact that I got a call from the coast saying the Elvis biopic I co-wrote is moving forward and another call from Vir Unis that the Realpolitik demo is in his hands didn’t hurt, I’m sure.  I hope both of those things work out the way they should.  They would be game changers for sure!

Enough about that business!  I fear I’ve said too much! Pantha Du Princes is telling me that some things are better without words. I’ve eaten so well today that it makes me feel clean.  Is that weird?  I wonder if I could do  chin up.  Let’s see. Not even close!  But I’m working on getting there.

What a randomly unfocused blog…but that’s just who I am and where I’m at right now.  A few short months from thirty!


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