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An abstract treat

May 29, 2010

Hello there children.  I am going to give you an abstract preview of the new Camera material in contention to be recorded on our next project.  What I am going to do is listen to each of the songs and write a free-formed stream of conscious rambling for each of the songs as I am listening to them.  I will give no information about the song itself besides its title (and to indicate if the song is an instrumental).  This weirdo experiement here does not reflect the actual meaning or lyrics to the work.  Well, some…

1. The Beehive (instrumental)

A gentle whirlpool that was already there.  The place of its origin unknown.  Its purpose unfulfilled.   Helpless from the drainage, I swirl a little further down each time without ever sinking.  The motion becomes habit, the habit becomes an addiction.  Never forced to choose, the nether pads my being, preventing loss, preventing gain.

2. Broken Order (instrumental)

The rounded corner camouflages its sharp points very well, but when we arrive we find no threat.  The threat is not against us.  It is on our side. It is protecting us.  We are defended by a benevolent force that is both strong and loyal, measurable only in the damage done to our enemies when used against them.

3. Buried Alive

A desperate hope is hope nonetheless.  Even if truly lost, we will all be avenged eventually.  Good will prevail, if not for us, for our children or theirs.  The end will not be dark.  We will win.  The victory will be felt backwards through time by all that came before us.

4.  Debris

This is our inherited mess.  A world destroyed beyond repair.  Some see clutter.  I see fire.  I see water.  I see the elements coming to reclaim what is rightfully theirs.  It’s natural to be in decline.

5.  Empty Orchestra

A gentle swagger.  A strut.  Confidence.  Domination.  A poseable chaos emanating from our fingertips.  This is the retelling of our glory.  This is our victory dance.

6. The Gathering Storm

Brothers, sisters, mothers, fathers, lovers, friends…There is confusion in hope and destruction in expectations.  The swirling won’t pull you down like the whirlpool.  This one will ascend you into the light above to death or life eternal.  One day, we will all find out.

7. Grazed by Bullets

The march of the nervous and bedraggled.  Precious, precious anxiety keeps us moving in time to the ticking of a clock.

8. Heir Apparent

We plea.  We threaten.  We attack.  We win. We celebrate.  Happiness is a Warm Android.

9. Labradford (instrumental)

Momentarily waking in darkness before returning to sleep unaware that a real moment has passed.  These are the real dreams. Pensive and sparse,  yet trenchant and direct.  A fog that can be felt but never seen.

10. The Negotiator

We feast on the souls of the trembling.  Fear not, our comrades, these teeth are sharp for the enemy, for the guilty, and for the unjust.  Our claws dig deep in the flesh of the glutton and the fool.  When we are done, they will be lean again.  They will be wise.  They will be innocent once more.

11. No Surprise

Angles, twisting, shifting in place, into place and revealing a completely smooth circle.

12. Nuclear

Fear can move us forward.  Fear can makes us strong.  But fear cannot feed our souls. We will starve in darkness unless we use fear as a weapon and not a shield.

13.  On a Night Like This

A sweaty, sultry summer night filled with urgency and accident.

14. The Other Artist

The race is on.  We tried to play nicely, but you just wouldn’t listen.  We are patient, we are kind, but we will not be your victim.  We will gnaw off our own arms to prevail.  And prevail we will.

15. The Panic and the Permanence

I’m a Creep.  I’m a 30th Century Man.  I’m watching it all happen around me.  I’m refusing to budge.  I’m refusing to stay.

16. Pierce (instrumental)

There are knights left yet.  They ride far above our eyes in territories undreamed.  Their swords fall heavy on the unimaginative and those who refuse to look for things that can’t be seen.

17. A Place I Know

Dance with me through the past.  We will spin ever so gently in footsteps we’ve already planted.  There will be no surprises, only shock in h0w we’ve made it so far dancing in circles.

18. Pop Radio 101

Like reading a book on fire we juggle knowledge in our hands without knowing where we can set it down or if we’d ever want to.  The honesty of the page glows brighter than the flame itself, but the burn belongs to both.  The fire spreads from your eyes to your ears to your mouth to the curtains to the front door until the whole world is set aflame.

19. This House on Fire

I will not destroy myself to vanquish my enemies.  They will self-destruct in time.  I will miss them.

Well, thanks for hanging out with me.  I hope one person out there enjoyed that and that it makes them more excited to hear the new songs.


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