About Camera

Drawing from the nervosa of living in a modern society, CAMERA channel their energy into tightly woven tales of age, love, and distraction.  CAMERA remain alert amidst the imposed sedateness of the masses and bring their sounds out from underneath this veil of contempt in hopes of achieving an enlightenment often denied to the underclass of the working world.  CAMERA is a triumvirate force utilizing the talents of Ryan Aylward, manipulator of low-frequency oscillations; Justin C. Scro, the voice of opposed reason; and Joseph Scro, pursuer of rhythm both in life and the artificial alike.
CAMERA are a musical outfit that constantly push the sound of their music forward.  Falling under the ultra-general category of ‘alternative music’, CAMERA’s artistic gestures are at once grandiose, calculated, and chaotic.  Beginning in the summer of 2003, in their hometown of Chicago, CAMERA have worked their fingers to the bone to achieve a formidable live show.  It was during that time CAMERA decided to focus their energy into documenting their music.
Fire & Science is the product of these three men and their collective vision.  An epic battle of precision and chaos, Fire & Science is a true call to arms for the ever-drifting society that CAMERA fight to awaken.  To ensure that their work would not be compromised, CAMERA made the decision to write, record, and produce the EP on their own.  A studio was assembled in their headquarters and CAMERA learned how to become self-sufficient in the aspects of music production.
With a new EP Realpolitik! in the mixing stages and a full-length album on the horizon, CAMERA now wish to move beyond their Midwestern roots and go out into the world at large.  Turning paranoia into energy and angst into action, CAMERA prepare to embark upon the general population, instruments in hand; ready to confront mediocrity, conformity, and the threat of drool-inducing entertainment.


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